FAQ about selling your land to Raw Land Buyers, LLC

Q:  Who is Raw Land Buyers, LLC?
A:  We are a real estate investment company specializing in buying vacant land from individuals needing to sell their unwanted or unusable raw land.

Q:  Does it cost anything to use your services?
A:  No. There is absolutely no cost to you to sell your land to us. We do not charge commissions or fees to buy your land. We will cover all costs associated with buying your property.

Q:  What do you plan on doing with my property once you buy it?
A: We are investors looking to connect an end user with the land we buy. We hope to turn what was once unwanted or unusable property into something someone else finds value in and can use. We may also hold on to the property depending on the real estate market for a long-term investment.

Q:  Are you a real estate agent or broker?
A: No. We are not real estate agents or brokers. We are a small, family-owned real estate investment company. We are land owners just like yourself. We do not charge commission fees or use confusing contracts in acquiring our properties.

Q:  What are the benefits of selling my land to Raw Land Buyers, LLC?
A: There are many benefits to selling your land to us.
     – We do not charge fees or commissions
     – You can avoid waiting months or years to sell your property on the open market
     – We can close quickly, often in 30 days or less (many times in 2 weeks or less)
     – We pay 100% of closing costs!

Q:  How long does it take to get an offer for my land?
A: We monitor property submissions regularly. The more information you fill out in our online form, the more it will help us evaluate your property to determine if it meets our investment criteria. If you provide all the necessary information, and if your property fits within our investment criteria, we will send an informal offer via email within 7-10 business days. Should you accept our email offer, it will be followed by an official purchase agreement shortly thereafter.

Q:  Do I have to accept your offer?
A: No. You have every right to accept our offer or to decline our offer. We do typically send our best offer the first time around. We do not pressure anyone into selling their properties. We understand that our offers may or may not meet the needs of potential property owners and do value the chance to work with you to buy your land.

Q:  I submitted my information a couple of weeks ago – Why haven’t I heard anything?
A: We carefully research and consider every single property that is submitted on our website. However, we aren’t able to buy everything. If you haven’t heard back from us – it’s either because a) Your property doesn’t fit the investment criteria of what we’re looking for, or b) We don’t have the funds available to make you a cash offer at this time. If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks, it’s safe to assume that your property isn’t what we’re able to buy at this time.

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We are a real estate investment company that specializes in helping land owners turn burdensome raw/vacant/bare land into cash. We can make you an all-cash offer today.

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